The Alignio is an excellent economical inline or standalone three-point register punch-bender option for small to mid-size Newspaper and Commercial printers.  With its available basic floor layout configurations, the NELA Alignio punch bender offers all the benefits of a modern automated plate line at an affordable price, engineered and manufactured in the USA, incorporating proven NELA technology you can trust.

Technical Details

  • Automatic 3-point register
  • For single and double-width offset plates
  • Automatic plate in-feed configuration to match your needs
  • Cleaning and oiling of the punching tools before each punching process ensures the long life of the equipment and continuous burr-free and accurate register punching
  • Push button user interface
  • Siemens PLC
  • Open integration platform for easy integration of new applications
  • Speed: up to 150 single-wide plates per hour


  • Additional punch tools
  • Additional plate width (up to 2)
  • Standard size single position stacker for single and double wide plates
  • Service Wizard
  • Network capability
  • In and back or automated inline operation
  • Infeed configurations to work with any CtP device