Conveyor Systems

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Conveyor Systems

Whether for transporting flat printing plates from the CTP-line to register punching and bending system, or for transport punched and bent plates to a plate sorter in adjacent pressroom: NELA Conveyor Systems are tailored made to suit your prepress! The plates are gently and efficiently transported exactly where they are needed next, even over long distances and through fire barriers. A transport over several floors or up to your rotation is also possible. 

Beispiel Plattentransport mit NELA


Take advantage of our know-how and our many years of experience! We are happy to plan the right configuration for your requirements and room situation. By visualizing and planning together with our customers we always find the most optimal and efficient solution for every print site. Back-up scenarios will certainly be considered.

And remember, for extensive transportation systems in conjunction with our punching and bending systems we also provide the right tools for process reliability, such as the NELA StatusCenter or NELA PageTracking. These tools are browser-based and can be accessed from anywhere. 


Product description

  • Gentle and efficient transport of flat or bent plates
  • Time savings through the elimination of manual handling
  • No damage to the printing plates caused by manual handling
  • Configuration of the transport system according to your needs
  • Possibility to Connect several CTP lines to one or more register punching and bending systems
  • Turning stations for changes in direction on the conveyor line
  • Hinged elements allow for passageways
  • Large transport routes with their own PLC control
  • Sensor-monitored sequential control
  • Combination with NELA Plate elevator for transport to other floors possible
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  • Druckplatten Foerdertechnik
  • Druckplatten Foerdertechnik