The NELA D-Leafer combines all the necessary features of a fully automatic Interleafing paper remover at a value previously unavailable.

A stack of paper interleafed plates are placed on the D-Leafer's tabletop. A reciprocating pick-and-place unit gently picks each plate individually, allowing for the interleafing paper to be blown into a disposal/recycling bin. Plates are than restacked onto an ergonomic and convent rolling cart.


  • For single and double width plates
  • Standard configuration - One plate width
  • Capacity 285 .2mm plates
  • Minimum Plate Size: 266 x 483 mm (10.5" x 19")
  • Maximum Plate Size: 610 x 965mm (24" x 38")

Utilities Required

  • Electrical:     
    • 110V
    • Single Phase
    • 4 Amps
  • Air: 110 psi @ 10 cfm


Optional Features

  • Multiple Plate Sizes
2 Models Available


Rated at up to 300 plates/hour 



Rated at up to 450 plates/hour