LIVI-8 is through high-precision, high-resolution sensor units suitable for geometry inspection, defect and surface inspection of batch produced plastic and rubber parts. The inspection sequence and the sensors are adapted for optical inspection and sorting of small-sized plastic and rubber parts. The LIVI-8 positions your parts in the inpection sequence automatically on a conveyor belt that passes the parts to the customer-specified sensors for inspection.



LIVI-8 is designed for the visual inspection of small-dimensioned molded plastic parts. The optical inspection and sorting system handles a broad range of different plastic materials of different colors utilized within different industries.

The inspectable size of symmetrical parts begins with an outer diameter of 1.0 mm. Rectangular plastic and rubber parts can be inpsected from a diagonal of 1.0 mm. The parts throughput of this optical inspection system reaches up to 22,000 parts per hour.

The field of application for LIVI-8 spans O-rings, frame and profile seals, precision moldings, rubber-plastic composite parts, rubber-metal bonded parts as well as membranes made of high quality elastomer.

Unlike our competitors in the market we distinguish ourselves by a solid development and production expertise in the fields of mechanics, automation and image processing.

Technical details

LIVI-8 features a robust machine construction and the use of high-quality technological components. The installation of several powerful multicore processors, which execute tasks simultaneously on different processors, ensures high inspection speeds. LIVI-8 can be equipped with up to six custom sensor units for high-precision geometry inspection, defect and surface inspection of your plastic and rubber parts. The closed-system ensures utmost purity. The sorting into different sorting channels is done with outmost care as to not damage the parts.

Surface and geometry inspection

The optical sensors of LIVI-8 detect the smallest surface defects on your plastic and rubber parts with adjustable levels of illumination. Detection of defects is carried out with high resolution camera systems based gray value differences.

A wide range of different sensor modules ensures targeted surface defect detection of the top, bottom, inner circumferential surfaces and outside surfaces. The in-house developed sensor units provide high resolution image of the face and lateral surfaces of your parts. The sensors described detects pores, holes, cracks, material contamination, surface defects and flowlines on all surfaces.

The measurement of the geometries of your plastic and rubber parts with LIVI-8 is based on a high-resolution camera system. The examination of the height, diameter, wall thickness, cord thickness (O-rings), distances, depths and angularity of your parts is carried out by the HeightMeasure and DIMension sensors.

Sensor configuration

The selection and use of sensors in LIVI-8 is scaled to application needs. The illumination can be adjusted according to application needs.

Available sensor options:

  • TOPside sensor
  • BOTTOMside Sensor
  • INside sensor
  • OUTside sensor
  • DIMension sensor
  • HEIGHTmeasure