NELA has various models of lock-ups to meet the needs based on the requirements of your press. Tool less lock ups to hold your plates on press. Customized lock-ups to fit your needs to match multiple presses. All NELA Locks are designed and manufactured by our experienced engineers in the USA. NELA quality is guaranteed to ensure trouble free operation for years to come. 

Goss Replacement Lock-Up

Goss Replacement Lock-Ups are specifically designed for the following presses:
  • Metroliner
  • Headliner
  • Colorliner
  • Lock-ups can be adjusted from 50" to 42"
  • Custom ranges available up to 64" web based on customers' specifications
  • Superior register pin system
  • Reduced plate length for significant material savings
  • Designed to withstand a web wrap



Slot Lock-Up

Slot Lock-Ups are specifically designed for the following presses:
  • Goss Community & Urbanite
  • DGM
  • Tensor
  • Harris 845 & 1650
  • Easy installation - often existing mounting holes can be used
  • 3/8" center pin included with lock for lateral register providing easy plate mounting and removal on press
  • Simple and proven design, with over 1500 cylinder installations
  • Minimal maintenance required

Lock-Up Solutions for Other Presses

NELA-USA designs and manufactures a variety of custom application Lock-Ups. Please contact us for specific information. 
Lock-Up solutions for other presses include:
  • Harris M1000
  • Harris V15
  • Wifag
  • KBA
  • Man Roland Lithomatic II
  • Mitsubshi
  • TKS


Advantages of NELA-USA Lock-Ups

  • Over 20 years of expertise with press register lockups
  • Quick and easy web conversion or cut down
  • Available for single and double plate sizes
  • Facilitates fast and accurate press plating 
  • Plate length less critical
  • Ensures longevity of the life of the plate
  • Press lock-up testing conducted prior to every implementation when installed by NELA-USA
  • Superior register pin system
  • Available for custom cylinder gaps
  • State of the art materials
  • Minimal maintenance required