Page Tracking

Page Tracking

The NELA Page Tracking Software enables targeted tracking of plates during the production process. It can thereby be determined whether a particular printing plate is straight on the conveyor line, in the punching and bending system or in a Plate Sorter at any time.

How does Page Tracking work?

The printing plates are identified by barcodes on their arrival in the NELA Register Punch Bending or the sorting stacker. After processing a file is created in a shared network directory for each plate that includes the plate's processing status. This information can be evaluated for production control and monitoring. It is thus possible to carry out a targeted tracking of plates during the whole production process. For communication between the bending system and the Page Tracker the devices on a connected through local area network (LAN). Depending on the number of devices connected, a corresponding number of network accesses must be provided by the customer.

Your Advantages

  • Targeted plate tracking through barcode
  • Tracking points individually assignable
  • Production-relevant data for production control systems automatically available