NELA Plate Lifter

The ideal complement to each plate automation system! This space-saving lift allows for full plate sets be transported easily and quickly to the upper floor of the rotation. The pre-sorted plate sets are simply taken from the NELA stacking station and placed onto the Plate Lifter. On the upper gallery, the printing plates can be stored in special holders, ready for the next plate change.

Your Advantages

  • The ideal complement to NELA Plate Automation
  • Easy loading and unloading of the printing plates
  • Pre-sorted sets of plates for several print jobs can be the same transported and stored at the same time
  • Flexible and adaptable for different press types
  • Increased efficiency through reduced manual plate handling
  • Space-saving, cost-effective design
  • Plate Lifter Druckplatten
  • Plate Lifter Plattenwagen
  • Plate Lifter upper level