Plate sorting for commercial web printing

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Plate sorting for commercial web printing

Fully automatic pre-sorting of plates is a decisive factor when set-up times for sheet-fed presses are constantly reduced. Faster printing presses, shorter print runs, or a combination of presses with different plate formats – given these challenges it is essential for an efficient production process that the printing plates required for the next job are provided as efficiently and as carefully as possible. 

Mistakes that occur during the (manual) handling and sorting of plates for the next print jobs are avoided, operators are left with more time for other tasks. Another advantage is the careful and scratch-free handling of the plates, especially for large plate formats. From imaging to transporting complete plate sets to the press - manual handling through operators is eliminated and scratches and other damages beocme a thing of the past. 



All printing plates are identified by their barcode prior to the plate sorter and are then stacked into the bins according to the pre-set criteria. The parameters for stacking can be defined customer-specifically and can be re-configured at any time. Sorting parameters that are repeated in regular intervals can be stored as sorting profiles by the operator. 

Plate format may also be used as a sorting parameters in situations where more than one format is used. 

Depending on a customer's requirements, plate sorting can be realized in a static or in a dynamic mode. With static plate sorting, certain bins are always used for the same production whereas with dynamic plate sorting, free bins are automatically allocated to the next job by the software. Plates that belong together are placed in neighboring stacker bins. 

The status of plate sorting is shown on a large monitor above the sorter. 

Basic package

  • single stacker bin
  • grippers with suction cups fixate the plate while it is placed into the stacker bin
  • one plate trolley included for fast and careful transport to the press

Additional features

  • additional stacker bin, single sided, with plate trolley
  • additional stacker bins, two-sided, with plate trolley
  • turnstation 180° or 90° between plate bender and sorter
  • integration of an inkjet printer to print content of barcode on back side of the plate
  • printer for routing slip
  • fully automated sorting according to print jobs
  • visualization of sorter status on large monitor
  • NELA Interleaver for paper feeding during plate sorting
  • NELA Indexer for individual plate storage and storage of entire print jobs; absolutely no scratching as plates don't touch each other in the trolley
  • Plate sorter for commercial printing