PQM+ Plate Quality Management

PQM+ Plate Quality Management

With NELA PQM+ you can check the imaging quality of your printing plates automatically in the bending machines or on the conveyor line. A simple and effective solution that ensures that printing plates with insufficient quality never reach your press. This makes PQM+ another important component of your plate automation system.


The factors that lead to poor imaging quality occur at the plate exposure or development. There are a number of crucial variables that can affect the quality of the printing plates. Many analogous factors are involved in the exposure of printing plates despite progressive digitization. Fluctuations in laser output, changes in focus, the developer chemistry and the sensitivity of the plate material are factors that contributes to quality variations, which makes an inline quality check a requirement.

The plates are usually subjected  to a manual visual inspection and measurements during plate imaging at specific intervals during the manufacturing process. To automate and  standardize this stochastic manual method is the goal of NELA PQM+. The test system utilizes the fact that fluctuations in the process shows on exposed printing plates at the microscopic level. These changes are detected by evaluating a special measuring wedge on each plate. The measurement is performed automatically during the alignment and punching-process without interrupting them. The evaluation is performed using a special image analysis software. The overall result will be reflected on the server monitor.

Your Advantages

  • Fully automated and standardized quality control process
  • Each and every printing plate is checked, no more control samples
  • Inspection of all quality criteria
  • Measurement results are displayed directly on the monitor
  • Variations in the production processes can be quickly detected and corrected
  • No loss of time in the production process related to quality control

Integration possibilities

Integration in punching and bending systems

PQM+ system is easily integrated directly into punching and bending systems in new installations as just as easily retrofitted into existing installations. The measurement is performed automatically during the printing plate processing.

Integration in roller conveyor systems

In systems without punching or bending systems or in a facility that merges multiple production lines, the PQM+ system is installed on a roller conveyor along the transport line. The printing plates are automatically stopped, aligned, measured and sent forward.

Standalone System

Suitable for the manual measurement of printing plates. The inspection system is supplied with a software package for installation on a PC.