The NELA RAO/P is a fully in line capable automatic three-point register plate bender (RAO), or punch bender (RAO/P), for sophisticated automation and higher volume commercial printers. The NELA RAO/P offers all the benefits of a modern automated plate line at an affordable price with NELA technology you can trust. The NELA RAO/P can be used with automated sortation and stacking in addition to critical bend solutions.

Technical Features

  • Automatic 3-point register
  • For single and double-width offset plates
  • Automatic plate in-feed configured to match your needs (landscape or portrait plate formats)
  • Heavy duty, robust platform
  • Push button operator interface
  • RAO/P integrates punching and bending in one working step
  • Cleaning and oiling of the punching tools before each punching process ensures the long life of the equipment and continuous burr-free and accurate register punching
  • Siemens PLC
  • Network capability
  • Open integration platform for easy integration of new applications
  • Customizable stacking options from single bin to large sortation systems
  • Cleaning and oiling of the punching tools before each punching process ensures the long life of the punches and continuous accurate burr-free register punching
  • Infeed configurations to work with any CtP device
  • Can be configured for multiple plate widths
  • Speed: up to 250 plates per hour

Model Variants


  • Trims the printing plate
  • Integrated plate shear/s
  • For plates that require side or edge trimming or special applications


  • Facilitates multiple bending layouts required by multiple press applications
  • Multiple bending angles 
  • Multiple cut-offs

RAO/P Flexx:

  • Flexible bend angles
  • Different bending radius possible
  • Fully automatic dual-radius changer, depending on the configuration on one or two plate edges
  • Can be combined with M-Tech or plate shears


  • Intuitive, touch screen PC based operator interface including integrated diagnostics
  • Integrated diagnostics
  • NELA Service Wizard
  • Integration into fully automated plate handling systems
  • Additional punch tools
  • *NELA Visualization – Allows remote monitoring
  • *Plate Quality Management (PQM)
  • *Variety of plate handling and sortation options
  • *Page tracking
  • “L” long cut off
  • Bubble bend
  • Dimple bend
  • Z-bend

*Requires PC operator interface