NELA SF-Bender

The SF-Bender is a device that has been specifically designed for the needs of sheet-fed printers. The plates are registered by means of an electronically controlled stop pin system that matches with the stop system of the Ctp-line, providing perfect print quality. 

The SF-Bender bends the plates according to the requirements defined by the press manufacturer, and it is possible to bend several plate formats with the same bending configuration. A second bending configuration can be integrated upon request.

The bending system can be combined with any Ctp-system to create a fully automatic and economic plate processing line. The basic package includes an infeed conveyor and a single position stacker with plate cart that stacks the plates without scratching. Custom-designed conveyors and additional stackers for automated plate sorting are also available from NELA, making the SF-Bender a solid and flexible choice for the automation of your plate production.

Your advantage: efficient and cost-saving plate production by eliminating manual handling – no more scratching of plates!


Technical information

  • Standard system includes 1 plate format and 1 bending configuration at one plate edge
  • Different plate formats possible with identical bending configuration
  • Integration of second bending configuration upon request
  • Bending configuration according to press manufacturer’s specification
  • Positioning of plates by means of an electronically controlled stop pin system; pin locations corresponding with Ctp-device
  • Speed: 120 plates per hour
  • Siemens PLC
  • Pneumatic components from FESTO
  • Expandable with additional plate stackers and conveyor system for connection with one or more Ctp-lines
  • Plate stacker with grippers and suction cups for safe pick-and-place without scratching, guaranteed!

Optional features

  • PC-system with monitor and signal lamp for indication of error messages, as well as for the installation of NELA plate sorting or PageTracking software
  • Bar code reader
  • Plate sorting: additional stacker bins and Indexer
  • NELA sorting software: PSC Plate Sorting Commercial
  • PageTracking
  • StatusCenter
  • PQM+ in-line Plate Quality Measurement
  • Integrated register punching upon request, also available with Video Control Positioning for maximum register accuracy
  • VPN+ remote maintenance
  • NELA service packages
  • NELA SF Bender
  • NELA SF Bender - Connected to 2 CtP lines
  • NELA SF Bender - Connected to 2 CtP lines