SF-C Bender

SF-C Bender

The SF-C Bender has been specifically designed for the needs of sheetfed printers with special applications. Plates are registered by means of an electronically controlled stop pin system or utilizing high-resolution digital cameras and imprinted registration marks for exact register that matches with the stops utilized by the CtP, guaranteeing perfect print quality. 

The SF-C Bender bends the plates according to the requirements defined by the press manufacturer, It is possible to bend several plate formats with the same bend Profile. A second bending profile can be integrated a number of different ways depending on the application.

This bending system can be combined with any CtP system to create a fully automatic and economic plate processing line. Standard features include an infeed conveyor and a single position stacker with plate cart that stacks the plates without scratching.

Custom-designed and engineered applications (SF-C) are available from NELA USA based on unique application needs that can include automated plate handling and sorting. This makes the SF-C Bender a solid and flexible choice for the automation of your plate production.

All parts in the NELA SF Bender are developed and designed according to the latest state of art technology and manufactured with the highest precision, incorporating proven NELA technology you can trust.

Technical Features

  • Standard system includes one plate format and one bending configuration at one plate edge
  • Different plate formats available with identical bending configuration
  • Integration of second bending configuration upon request
  • Bending configuration according to press manufacturer’s specification
  • Positioning of plates by means of an electronically controlled stop pin system; pin locations corresponding with CtP device
  • Speed: up to 150 plates per hour
  • Siemens PLC
  • Expandable with additional plate stackers and conveyor system for connection with one or more CtP lines
  • Large capacity pick and place cart loading system
  • Plate stacker with grippers and suction cups for safe pick-and-place without scratching, guaranteed!
  • Cleaning and oiling of the punching tools before each punching process ensures the long life of equipment and continuous accurate burr-free register punching


  • PC-system with monitor and signal lamp for indication of error messages, as well as for the installation of NELA plate sorting or PageTracking software
  • Bar code reader
  • Plate sorting: additional stacker bins and Indexer
  • Large capacity plate carts
  • NELA sorting software: PSC Plate Sorting Commercial
  • PageTracking
  • StatusCenter
  • PQM+ in-line Plate Quality Measurement
  • Integrated register punching upon request, also available with NELA’s Vision Positioning for maximum register accuracy
  • VPN+ remote maintenance
  • NELA service packages
  • SF Custom Bender