The NELA VCP is a fully automatic inline or standalone vision register punch-bender geared to the mid to large size Newspaper and commercial Web Offset printers. With its highly customizable platform, the NELA VCP punch bender is proven to be best used when critical bends or automated sortation and stacking are required. The NELA VCP is engineered and manufactured in the USA, incorporating proven NELA technology you can trust.

Technical Details

  • Positioning of offset plates utilizing high-resolution digital cameras and imprinted registration marks for exact register
  • For single and double-width offset plates
  • Automatic plate in-feed configured match your needs (landscape or portrait plate formats)
  • Heavy duty, robust platform
  • Intuitive, touch screen PC based user interface
  • Integrated diagnostics
  • Siemens PLC
  • Network capability
  • Open integration platform for easy integration of new applications
  • Customizable stacking options from single bin to large sortation systems
  • Cleaning and oiling of the punching tools before each punching process ensures the long life of punches and continuous accurate burr-free register punching
  • Infeed configurations to work with any CtP device
  • Standard with Integrated NELA Service Wizard diagnostic system
  • Can be configured for multiple plate widths
  • Speed: up to 225 plates per hour

Model Variants


  • Trims the printing plate
  • Integrated plate shear/s
  • For plates that require side or edge trimming or special applications


  • Facilitates multiple bending layouts required by multiple press applications
  • Multiple cut-offs

VCP Flexx:

  • Flexible bend angles
  • Different bending radius possible
  • Fully automatic dual-radius changer, depending on the configuration on one or two plate edges
  • Can be combined with M-Tech or plate shears

VCP Evolution:

  • Custom, application specific punch bender for very high speed applications requiring speeds in excess of 225 plates/hour


  • Integration into fully automated plate handling systems
  • Additional punch tools
  • Bar code reader
  • Plate Quality Management (PQM)
  • NELA Visualization - Allows remote monitoring
  • Variety of plate handling and sortation options
  • Page tracking
  • Short cut off
  • “L” Long cut off
  • Bubble bend
  • Dimple bend
  • Z-bend