Plate automation with Just In Time concepts

NELA Just In Time means that imaged printing plates are supplied at the requested time and to the requested location, and in the right sequence as dictated by the production plan. NELA system solutions make processes faster and more efficient, they improve the quality of the printed product and help save costs.

NELA Just In Time
The concept for more effective production
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Barcodes are needed for several applications, e.g. plate sorting, for page tracking or automatic measurement of plate quality with NELA PQM+. Therefore, the required information for the respective application has to be included and exposure on the non-printed area of the printing plate. NELA will provide the barcode reader and install it in the appropriate position. Read more
Plate Transport
Whether for transporting flat printing plates from the CTP-line to register punching and bending system, or for transport punched and bent plates to a plate sorter in adjacent pressroom: NELA Conveyor Systems are tailored made to suit your prepress! The plates are gently and efficiently transported exactly where they are needed next, even over long distances and through fire barriers. A transport over several floors or up to your rotation is also possible.Read more
Registerstanz- und Abkantsysteme
Punching and bending system
Large throughputs and highest precision, NELA register punching and bending systems are tailored to the specific needs of newspaper printers and are always designed and built according to customer’s individual requirements. They can be installed in-line with each Ctp-device and are flexible for extension with further automation options from NELA. The alignment of the printing plates in the punch/bender is realized by integrated cameras. They detect imaged register marks on the plates and position them precisely according to the image.Read more
Plate Elevator
If the pre-press and the printing press are on different floors, the NELA Plate Elevators will transport punched and bent plates to the appropriate floor. With manual plate transport removed, damage to bent and punched plates can be avoided.Read more
With NELA BPA, all dummy plates needed for printing are automatically placed on the NELA conveyor line and transported to the register punching and bending system. Interleaving paper is removed automatically. After punching and bending the dummy plates can be kept in a separate compartment in the sorting stacker.Read more
Plate Quality Management
With NELA PQM+ you can check the imaging quality of your printing plates automatically in the bending machines or on the conveyor line. A simple and effective solution that ensures that printing plates with insufficient quality never reach your press. This makes PQM+ another important component of your plate automation system.Read more
Production data of current jobs can be controlled and monitored on a large-format screen. Also the completeness of particular jobs can be displayed. The operator recognizes easily in which trolley which printing plates are located and whether the job is complete.Read more
NELA offers newspaper printers sorting stackers in various levels of integration. From simple stacking tray to fully automatic sorting station for organization of plates for several print jobs - our sorting stackers are always adapted to your individual plate volumes and size of your print site. For maximum automation, the plate sorter can also be attached directly to the gallery of the printing press.Read more
Plate Lifter
Plate Lifter
This space-saving lift allows for full plate sets to be transported easily and quickly to the upper floor of the rotation. The pre-sorted plate sets are simply taken from the NELA stacking station and placed onto the Plate Lifter. On the upper gallery, the printing plates can be stored in special holders, ready for the next plate change.Read more
Implementing a Reorganizer allows for sorting of printing plates in the sequence as it is needed for mounting on the press cylinder, especially when an automated plate loading system is used. Manual pre-sorting of print-ready plates will be a thing of the past, and the operator can always be assured that he has the right plates in the right order when it's time to change plates.Read more
The NELA Status Center centrally monitors all activities of the entire plate processing line. Status changes and faults are immediately visible on the display of the control panel. For the operator, this means continous and quick control of all production components of the plate production lines. Disturbances and interruptions in production are displayed in plain text on the control panel.Read more
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